Hi everyone,

I’m using skatter for sketchup with vray (3.4). Now since i’ve been using a renderfarm (renderwow), i noticed the vegetation i made was not rendered if i rendered in the farm. I tried to uncheck render only, but the size is still to big, even i made already proxies from the twigs i us to skatter. Someone here already experienced this? Any suggestions/solutions?



Unfortunately at this time no renderfarm support Skatter, as far as I know.

Please send an email to RenderNow to request that they support Skatter. As a customer you will have more impact than if I contact them myself.
Tell them to contact me directly at [email protected]. I can provide them with NFR licenses to equip their whole farm.



skatter and renderwow worked on vray 2 on vray 3 it doesn’t work…