Repeated activation required

I’m wondering why I continually required to activate Transmutr.
I purchased a license thru the Go Fund Me campaign. And it activates when i out in the license, but if I do not use the program for awhile and then attempt to use it, it requires me to enter license information again.

Any idea why?

This is not supposed to happen, the license should stay activated.

Do you sometimes open Transmutr while the internet connexion is disabled?
Do you have an idea how long it takes before you are required to activate the license again?


The connection is very stable so I do not believe I’m opening when the internet connection is disabled.

While I love Transmutr, I do use it infrequently, so it’s hard to gage the time between, but I would put it at a couple of months in between uses at the most. I think the message I get is that the trial period has expired and I need to install a license.

I can confirm this is the same for me. Was going to bring it up, just been quite busy and haven’t used them in a while. I prefer working offline for the most part and only go online when I need to. It is irritating having skatter or transmuter ask for a license every now and then.

We use a third-party system for the licensing of Transmutr and Skatter v2.
I thought licenses stayed activated forever. But looking more into it, it seems that there is a “grace period” of 30 days. If the server doesn’t receive any ping from your computer within this period, it considers the license to be deactivated.
I’m not 100% sure that this is what happens, though. It’s a bit unclear in their documentation.

Apparently I can extend this period on a per-license basis. If you send me your license keys in private, I can extend it and you’ll tell me in the future if the issue persists?