Replacing Skatter Objects.

Hi Thomas and Merwan,

Hope everything is fine with you guys. I will post a FR here, as I’m feeling beta!

I’d wish a group that has been removed from model or changed it’s position in the model hierarchy could be reselected or replaced more easily.

When Skatter warns the user that the group is missing, we could have an option to find the missing group. If we then would select the group, every skatter that was using it would now use the new selection.

What happens right now is that we will have to dig into every skatter from the render list, to check one by one if it is using the group or not.

Even better than that, maybe, somewhere in the skatter dialog we could also have a list of every object being used in the model’s Skatters. In that list the we would be able to replace any object for a new one and the missing objects could be marked with a red name or something like that, so those could be clearly seen as missing. Replacing an object on this list would replace it in every skatter it was being used.

This would be very useful for new workflows where trying new objects would be faster and, of course, for fixing our own errors too.

Thanks for your work guys!


Hi @jql,

Thanks for the ideas. That’s the kind of features that would greatly enhance Skatter’s ergonomy indeed.

At the moment, we don’t have plan to add major features to Skatter 1 but that certainly is something that we’ll keep in mind for Skatter 2 :slight_smile:


That’s more or less what I was expecting, hence the post in the Beta section. Hope everything is turning out has expected with transmutr.

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But, this is a great idea!

The last project I had, I just got used to the messages upon opening the file that the Skatter groups could not be found or assigned. It bothered me for a while, but, it was such a habit after a while… I could ignore it as long as what I had kept was working.