REQ: a better Library Preset Manager

Hi Thomas, Ronen,

While I’m very happy with the actual library (it works), I have too many presets now and I’d like to be able to organize a bit.

What could be nice to have:

  • possibility to organize by folders (bushes, trees, grass, shrubs, aquatic, jungle, forest, meadow, people, cars, gravel, sand, hedges, billboards, etc. etc.)

  • possibility to duplicate and delete presets (how can we do that now?)
    I guess the easiest way to do this is to pack (zip) all necessary files in one file? So we don’t delete files that are also used in another skatter preset?

  • sort by name (A->Z and Z->A; by case)

  • sort by color (checks color hue of thumbnails and organize by color family)

  • sort by size (checks size of embedded components)

  • sort by filesize (checks filesize of embedded components): useful to avoid complex, huge trees to crash memory footprint

  • have some customizable tags embedded with the presets (furniture / indoor / outdoor / greenery / traffic / large / border / boundary / fill-in / green / yellow / spring / autumn / etc.)

  • connect with a Skatter Marketplace where one can share/sell/import/export skatters.

Unless… are these already on the roadmap? :smiley: (titille titille)

These are planned:

But these are not, thanks for the ideas:

The Marketplace proved to be a very complicated thing to do/manage. Because of the huge bandwidth costs, handling payements, etc. I may have to ask a third-party company to do it, and launch a crowdfunding campaign to fund it depending on the cost, as I won’t make money with the Marketplace.