[REQ] Automatic units conversion


I just encounter a sad little issue. I’m working with an other 3D artist, and he’s build a nice set of Skatter libraries for us. Sadly, I just realized that he’s working in centimeters and me in meters. For sketchup it’s not at all an issue, but for skatter it is !

Actually, for example, the X spacing for the distribution of an item is 70 for him, and should be 0.7 for me if I want the result to look the same. So, I have to retake all the presets he’ve done to match my current set of units, which is stypidly long for nothing.

So, could there be a way to have this been done automatically, according to the current unit system of the file, allowing an easier sharing ?

This should already be done automatically.
The unit is saved in the .sklib file, then the values are converted to the model unit when loading from the library.
Can you send me an example file that shows this behavior?