(REQ) brushed areas -> visible polylines

Hi Thomas, Ronen,
Great job here, thank you!

I think I already asked for that one year ago, but it would be handy to be able to have a visible trace of already scattered areas. So what about brushed/painted areas become visible polylines (but not renderable) so if I want to make clusters of plants, I can see where I’ve already painted, in order to avoid surimpositions?

In Forestpack, when you brush a zone, I think the plugin extrapolates a polyline from the brushed area by simplifying the shape. Is it the same in Scatter?

The outputted polylines should be in the same layer as the corresponding scatter or in a hidden global ‘construction’ layer so all the polylines can be toggled off at once.
It would be even better if one could customize the color of the polyline to better distinguish between scatters, but that sounds difficult…

I plan to have an option to display all setups when working on another setup.
Would that be enough?

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You mean, we’ll be able to see all the ‘render only’ boxes at once?
Yes, that would be great! :smiley:

Yes, with different colors for each setup.

wondafoule :slight_smile:

sounds exciting! Looking forward to v2