[REQ] Fill the volume of a 3D object

Would it be possible a feature to fill the volume of a 3D object?
I know that the scattering over the skin of the object it’s possible through Wrap (UV) but I think would be very useful this feature.

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Do you have examples of what you want to achieve?

Imagine you want to fill a pot / jar with for example nuts or another food for the kitchen decoration, to fill a sack with objects (then with the new plugin ClothWorks create the sack), I use MSPhysics for that now but it’s more slow, and I think there are many other examples to use this feature.

Do you expect collisions to work like in MSPhysics, or is it ok for the objects to overlap?

If it works with collisions like MSPhysics it would be fantastic but if this isn’t possible then to use the collision feature already included in Skatter.

Thanks for your input.

If we do it, it will not be like MSPhysics, indeed. Skatter is not a physics engine.

Thanks Thomas!! :+1:
Contact me if you need testing it :wink: