[REQ/ IDEA ] One clic skattering

Hi all,

I’d like to suggest, for v2, a new point clic / spray method that could be really helpful.

This tool, inspired by the plugin"compo spray", is based on the need to be able to place easily and precisely objects, one at each click (or multiples in a define radius), with all the classical random rotation and scale parameters. It will be really useful, for example, to place trees on specific locations, with variations for each ones.

In addition, in this case, it will be great to be free of any initial surface or object selection, in order to populate more easily multiple areas of the project. Having a dedicated target surface is good for heavy skattering such as grass, but for this kind of operation it will be interesting to have the choice of not using one.


Hi @mrwip and thanks for the suggestion!

Right now, you can already use “Points sets” in Skatter 1.0 to place objects individually (documentation). The randomization will be applied for each instance.

For Skatter 2.0, which is currently in development, we have actually planned a new feature: “physics-based scattering”. All the details are not decided yet but the big picture is that this feature will allow users to “spray” objects naturally with some physics simulation to make them fall naturally (to create piles of rubble for instance). Maybe that could be useful to you in the future.


Hi Merwan,

I must say that I never realized it was possible to do this with the “Points Sets” method. It’s pretty much what I was asking, so, sorry for missing it and thank you for the feedback.

Indeed, a gravity option will be cool and useful too !

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any update on this?

The “physics-based” scattering is still on our roadmap (planned for after the initial 2.0 release).

We also decided to implement a spray tool for placing many points quickly. This could also help achieve a similar result.

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cool! thanks for the update @merwan :pray: