[REQ] Is it an idea to add 'clusters' to distribution

I noticed in Forrest Pack pro they are able to form clusters. This makes it possible to make groups or patches/clusters of different types. I believe this is pretty common in nature that such clusters appear as seeds get in the ground near the hosts etc

Yes it is high on my priority list, but quite a challenge to implement. But don’t worry, it’s in the work :wink:

Okay thats nice!


Any eta?

No ETA, but it’s coming in v2 :

Holy smokes, that looks awesome, also using those primary colors helps viewing at it much easier.
Is it all kind of procedural driven orso, curious how these shapes are made

The colors are the materials applied onto the base components, not from Skatter. But i’ll have something similar soon.
The shapes are procedural. Some kind of distorted Voronoi noise.

Ah okay, is that a other renderer then Thea probably. SOrt of handy

Impressive! I can’t wait :wink:

One request I had previously was to be able to use a materials to drive the skattering (say you have a group/component with several materials embedded; each material could be a different skatter target).
Now I think Forest pack is bitmap driven, so it could be very handy to be able to use a grayscale bitmap (or simply a BW) to trigger Skatter’s probability parameter? Perhaps is it what you have in the next beta?

Voronoi are very good for random yet organic grouping of vegetation, but for things like potager we’d need more rational/organised base patterns.

I’m working on something along those lines for v2, yes.

I must confess.
I love you