[REQ] Skatter stretching components when distributing along line.

I would like Skatter to be able to stretch components to line length when distributing to vertices on lines.

I have a system of (now) dynamic building components I used with 3dsMax and RailClone, which made me able to model the buildings I needed very fast. Skatter can do almost the same, except I have to switch the component to the right type manually, and also stretch the component to the right length manually.
So it’s not really very fast, but if Skatter could scale the component to line length in the x-axis, we would be halfway there…

Maybe this is already suggesed by somebody else, but I’m new to this forum and have not searched the forum for similar requests. (Sorry about that.)

This is a very specific use-case. I don’t think we will add this feature that would be limited to only one distribution type (vertices).

I suggest you look into Profile Builder which is probably more suited for this.

Thank you for the swift reply.
Profile Builder is probably something to have in the toolbox, but seems to be the answer to a slightly different question.
With this system, I use many different components along a line and had them all stretch to fit the distance specified. I have all the needed interior and exterior pieces already made, I’ll just have to continue to scale manually. :thinking:
I’m still very happy about the rest of Skatter! :grinning:

Oh, so they are assigned randomly?

With RailClone, which component was placed was determined by setting different ID’s on the segments/lines. Changing the ID changed the component, but kept the length. Neat.

Now I use just one component for the initial scattering and switch them manually. I haven’t really tested how much more time it takes to do it this way opposed to the RailClone way.

You should really look at profile builder. There is a lot of functionality there when you dig into it.

have you tried su4you to components? maybe it will do exactly what you are looking for.
(specially the function lines to components)



I have tried it now.
It would be absolutely perfect, if not for the fact that the dynamic component does not receive the scale set by the plugin. As seen in the picture, the dynamic component still believe it shall adjust to 1 meter even if it is stretched along a 6 m line. I’ll ask the developer if this is “fixable”.

Thank you very much for the nudge towards a possible solution

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hi! i see! you could talk to the developer it could be fixable!
if not i think maybe profile builder 3? but you should ask Dale maartens (the developer) of mind.sight.studios before buying,that one is a tad more expensive.

it has a trial period i believe!

Good luck!

This is what the developer said:
“Dynamic component can’t update scaling by code.
You click right mouse on the component then select Dynamic Components- redraw
You select all your components then click Scale tool, enter 1. They’re redraw.”

It works perfectly! :grin:
(Now I just have to rebuild my component library to stretch in the Z and not X direction.)

Im so happy for you! you can also rotate 90 degrees inside your component and fix them at once maybe? you can with normal components not sure it can be done with dynamic ones still im glad it worked for you in the end! must have been an eureka moment when you saw those components adapt!

Cheers Karin!

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