Request: scattering several objects along path and by area

1 It would be nice to have ability scatter cobblestones along a path board. But there is no option to scatter component back to back.

2 It could be good if LENGTH of scattered element could depends on LENGTH of CURVE SEGMENT

3 back to back (side to side) option grate for Area Paving modeling. May be with rotate and resize options

Thank you for attantion.
Have a nice work on Skatter

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Good ideas!

1 and 2 might be doable, we’ll look into it.

As for 3, I don’t think it would be possible without enforcing object dimensions and specific patterns. This is out of the scope of Skatter, but I think you can find other tools that can do that, like Vizpark Omnitiles on 3dsmax.

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Thomas, Thank you for ansver!