Revit FBX Materials

I’m in the process of converting the model created in Revit to SU vis Transmutr. The geometry is coming into SU clean and organized. I’m a little clueless and could use some direction on how to transfer the Revit materials over which would be quite helpful.



To add: I just attempted going from Revit to Max to FBX to Transmutr and the materials travel. Not all map correctly but I can see see them all in the material tree in Transmutr.

Did you try this?


Thanks Thomas for your response. I will give that a try.


The Twinmotion plug did help. Not perfect but an improvement. Thanks!

also you can try this :

I havent tried with the Twinmotion FBX exporter. Does that come with the Twinmotion installer?
The “solution” that Raphael Abraham posted is in my humble opinion the worst possible as it makes a group out of every face so it is impossible to edit in SketchUp. (At least it did that when I last tested it).

I usually do it like this:


So, I don’t want too recommend other software here, (sorry Thomas) and I’m sure you can go from revit to SketchUp via fbx and transmutr, but have you ever tried Rvt2Skp? I’ve had really good luck with that in the past and it seems to work really well converting files.

I’m sure it works well, but Transmutr will generate render-ready material.
Also rvt2skp costs 99€, whereas if you already have a Transmutr license, the twinmotion plugin is free.

Thanks everyone for your responses! I’ve been off line for the past couple of days. I’ve tried the Twinmotion method along with a few others. Nothing quite perfect yet but it is helping me get through the current deadline and project.


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