Rhino 3d files

Hi T team,
Is there a way to add".3dm " format file to Transmutr import & export.


I will add it to our todo list.

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Thanks Thomas.
We have a cool 3dm library I wish to see the new future in Transmutr ASAP.


I would like to push up this request, our company is moving away from Sketchup (Sadly) and Rhino is the new choice and I already miss Transmutr and Scatter they where by bread a butter to render inside Sketchup.

Hi @Fco3d

Thanks for the feedback, that’s duly noted.
We have long-terms plans to support other platforms than SketchUp indeed (especially for Skatter).

That is good, because there is nothing similar in Rhino, some can argue that grasshopper could solve the issue but is not the same really. Besides not everyone is very well verse in grasshoper.
Now Transmutr I even use it to prep geometry for Unreal. SO the more software compatibility the better :wink:
Thanks again.