roof tiles

how to do a roof tile like Dieter Dewulf who post this thank’s

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I believe using the Grid distribution. But we should ask him directly.
I’ll ask on Facebook

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Yes. I made 5 tiles 250x250 mm make my plane 10000mm x 5000 so i have full tiles. Use the grid function. Xspace, y space 250 set bounderies on size.

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thank’s i will try to do that, there is no tutorial about this. great job you work in a architect office?

Ok. you are welcome.
I will plan a tutorial of this.

No i’m a designer of wooden constructions but i support architects to make there visualisations.

Great image bro! I dont understand, he just explained how he did it, what more do you need?

He made a sample of 5 tiles of 25 x 25cm then distributed them on a grid. You can actually do it without the grid by using a couple pans of 25x25 and the use grid, makes bettter randomness then using the sample i guess.

PS Dieter are you still using Thea by the way? i remember you asking for help. I got a feeling you got something else now though.

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I did a quick test and made a simple file. I don’t model that much in Sketchup so perhaps others have different techniques. I just wanted to point out how easy it actually is.

If you want certain tiles to appear more than others, select it in the list and edit the probability, make sure together they make 100%, otherwise, check the manual. :slight_smile:

I didn’t use patches like he explained, I wanted more randomness. Click through the scenes and read the hints I added, hope you understand it. I put it together rather quickly.

Rooftile_test_Skatter.skp (1005.5 KB)


Very nice quick tutorial :slight_smile:

This is not necessary actually. Skatter internally normalizes the values so it all adds up to 100%.

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Aha, i wasnt sure but thats why i also added, check the guides.
Hope this makes more sense for him. First time i tried it, it would only pick the last in the component list. I needed to explode the components and remake them components. Quite weird

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thanks for the tuto, very nice of you


hahaha serious 3 months later :wink: