Room selection

Hey guys, the plugin seems great so far, but it would be great to have a few things added:

  1. To have a selector to show only purchased items. Can be a checkmark.
  2. To have a selector not only for residential and commercial, but sub categories, for living room, bedroom and similar.

Keep up the great work!

Thanks for your feedback!

The free or purchased rooms are sorted to always appear at the top, before the rooms not yet purchased.
Therefor we don’t think there is a need for an additional filter.
Also, from our business point of view, it is better to always show the purchasable options to the user, in a non-invasive way (showing them below the free/purchased ones).
Can you explain why do you feel the need for such a filter?

Maybe that would be too much, since you can simply type in the search bar to filter based on those terms?
If you type “bedroom”, you will be presented all the bedrooms.

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Ok got it, at least separate visually the ones that you own from the ones you don’t with a line or something. Or at least in the next row. Would be helpful as a user.

Will check out the Search option.


@Vanja_Djuric For the next update, we added a colored icon to really make purchased/free rooms stand out so thay should be easier to distinguish from the rooms that are available for purchase.