Roombox and Chaosgroup Vantage

Hi, Roombox doesnt seem to work with Vantage. Any workarounds? Thanks!!

Indeed I can reproduce it.

I found this post: Emissive materials in Vray doesn't work in Chaos Vantage - Chaos Forums

It looks like Emissive material are not supported properly in Vantage. I asked a question at the bottom of that thread, and I’m waiting for an answer.

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Emissive materials are working in Vantage 2.0 but I am not able to get Roombox textures to work in Vantage - Is this due to EXR?

I have not tested Vantage 2.0 yet. I’ll have to investigate.

Is Transparency properly supported in emissive materials in Vantage 2.0?

Bringing this topic back as I am using Vantage 2.2.2 and still cannot get transparency in the Roombox maps to render correctly. Is this still an issue?

As far as I know, the issue persists in Vantage.

I would suggest that anyone affected by this, post to the Chaos forum below so they push it to the top of their list. They are really good about listening to customers and implementing features.

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Maybe it would be useful to have a tool that turns off all sprites until we get a solution. I just had a project with many RoomBoxes and it would have been nice to just disable all the sprites so I can still use the Rooms in Vantage. It’s at least some sort of backup plan if we plan on using Vantage.

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