Roombox and Chaosgroup Vantage

Hi, Roombox doesnt seem to work with Vantage. Any workarounds? Thanks!!

Indeed I can reproduce it.

I found this post: Emissive materials in Vray doesn't work in Chaos Vantage - Chaos Forums

It looks like Emissive material are not supported properly in Vantage. I asked a question at the bottom of that thread, and I’m waiting for an answer.

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Emissive materials are working in Vantage 2.0 but I am not able to get Roombox textures to work in Vantage - Is this due to EXR?

I have not tested Vantage 2.0 yet. I’ll have to investigate.

Is Transparency properly supported in emissive materials in Vantage 2.0?