Roombox feature requests

Hi Lindale team,

I have a few feature requests for Roombox :

  • To avoid z-fighting between rooms from Roombox and the model when scaling them inside a building, would it be possible to have the room slightly smaller than it’s bouding box, so we wouldn’t have to do it manually?
  • It would be very usefull if there was an option to assign a tag to rooms when placing them
  • There could be a room manager similar to the Skatter composition manager to select them quickly, assign tags, and toggle visibility.
  • The placement is alright but the reference point could be in a corner instead of the middle face, and then the scale tool could be activated automatically, just for faster placement.
  • How about having a tool to make a box and then the room fits in

Anyway the tool is great already, just thought it could be even more efficient (always more!)

Have a good day

So a parameter like “Window offset”, but for all walls, ceiling, and floor?

We felt that the room selection tool was enough for this. It allows you to quickly select rooms with a rectangle selection box, then you can assign tags and toggle visibility in the Entity Info window.
You think this is not enough?

We will discuss this.

It could be. At first I rather thought that a native millimeter offset could do the job, but I guess some people could take advantage of a parameter.

It would make it easier to be able to assign a tag before inserting the room, and I imagined a manager be nice to pick rooms in the list (that would select the object automatically in the model) and make changes to it instead of having to go back to the select tool and move around the model. Of course it makes more sense in a bigger building with a lot of rooms (in my case, offices)

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