Sanity Check!

I’ve just bought Skatter and so far loving it and its saved my bacon on a few scene items already…

However, just a sanity check please… I need to apply grass from the library to this (very large) area… I render in Keyshot so I need to generate full geometry to pass through.

Both my Mac and 12-core Dell cannot cope and I never achieve any output due to the calculations involve…am I asking too much?

Any tips?


Yes, you are asking too much, sorry.
That’d work with a render engine that supports Render Only, but with Keyshot that’s probably not possible.

You can try to use the Camera features to limit the number of generated objects, but I wouldn’t be too optimistic.

Did you try the demo before buying?

I did. I’m ok for hedgerows etc so all fine. I can use Cinema4D for some hair/grass and add into Keyshot as a separate object. Would just have been nice to have every thing in my scene in one place :slight_smile:


I understand. Sadly I can’t do magic ^^
Until Keyshot supports Skatter’s “Render Only” feature, I don’t have a solution for you.