Sarmiento Museum - Paraná Delta [Argentina]

Hi everybody,

This is an inside office project, we aim to build a detailed scene recreating a historic monument and vegatation.

All vegetation, trees, grass, bushes are distributed with skatter.

Software: SketchUp + Skatter + Vray + Photoshop + NIK Software

The Sarmiento House is a National Historic Monument in the northern suburb of Tigre, Buenos Aires, Argentina. It was the former residence from 1855 until his death in 1888 of Domingo Sarmiento, the 7th President of Argentina.
It was declared a National Historic Monument in 1966 and is now a museum.
A preserved house in a crystal cage. The set tries to inspire a nostalgic atmosphere that in contrast with the glass envelope it pretends to intrigue the viewer.

Whow! These images are gorgeous

Do you agree that I share them on Skatter’s Facebook page and website? (With credit of course)

This is GREAT!

Hi Thomas!

Thanks and yes! For sure, I’ll be happy to! Glad you like it! :smiley:

Thanks a lot for your comment Ronen!!

Fantastic job, aside from the great use of skattered vegetation, composition and color are great.

Indeed they are - that is the first thing that capture you viewing these visuals. the frontal day time image is great… the project is interesting too which does not hurt :wink:

David… Could you possibly show us the SketchUp viewports for the views rendered?

David. You Know I already have seen these amazing pics. And I can say again this is an outstanding work. Congrats.

Thanks Juan Carlos! Color it’s one of my favorite parts of post processing.

Sure Ronen, here they are:

Thanks a lot Feli!!

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Great work! Could you possibly tell us where you got those trees models from? And what about the leaves material? Is it a two sided material?

The tree, the leaf is genial.
Las hojas de los árboles son geniales, podrías pasarnos el material…

AMAZING RENDERING! David Santos is all the portafolio on LAB VISUALIZACIÓN done with sketchup???

Great work!

Hi! Thanks everybody for the comments!

Niuanse, Sure, trees are mainly from CG Axis ( and Evermotion (Just 1, I don’t remember exaclty which one, let me check it), leaves are not two sided, it just have reflection. In this scene we use aproximately 20 different proxys.

Vennisnavagho, do you refer to the tres’s leaves? Are just BRDF, with Diffuse, reflection almost white and Opacity map.

Thanks a lot Frank! Yes, all our portfolio it’s made on SketchUp, well, there are two images that don’t but we ware just testing 3DS Max.

That’s nice! So how do you import these models textures so fine? I find it easy to import .3ds, .obj and .fbx formats, but the materials are always a mess.

Yes! Materials are always complicated! We made them proxy, and like it has already mapped textures you just import and assign materials.

I see. Well, thanks for sharing the insights. Waiting for the making of at Ronen’s blog :wink: Good luck David!

Thats amazing

Thanks asif73131!

great materials, as well as composition! very nice, good work on the post pro.

Some textures are a bit off i think, i see shadows where there cant be shadows. Those 2 poles aside of the entrance, it looks like this texture already has shadows in it.

Ola David… where can i get such 3d trees?? so i can improve this school project.