Scale BUG

Helo guys!
I wish that the scale of the Transmutation would be maintained.
The problem is that I need to save each component as an individual file.
I am going to convert as .mod.thea, (with thea plugin) and when I insert the proxie it returns to the original scale.


2020-06-08 23_54_47-Window

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We decided not to resize the faces, but instead to scale the top-most group/component in the hierarchy, to avoid running into the tiny face issue: faces being deleted by SketchUp because they are too small.

Can’t you use “Scale definition” in your case? You might need to convert groups to components for that.

This is the solution, thank you very much, and to be honest I feel a little silly :yum:
2020-06-09 22_50_37-Window