Scatter multiple objects only last one is used

**SketchUp version :Make 17.2.2555
**Skatter version : 1.4.2
**OS : Windows 10
**Description of the issue : Select multiple scatter objects, only last one is used. Popup ‘You need to select at least one object to scatter’ when last one is removed. The others are visible in the list. Change a property on 1 of them, changes that property for all.
**Are you able to reproduce the issue every time? : Yes
**Error in Ruby Console? : No error in ruby window

Does this happen on every file?

While I was writing my answer (see below), I started to think about something. Apparently, several of these objects share the same uuid under “jbb_skatter”. I used the Eneroth extension to look that up. Is that something your extension did, or is it possibly a bug in Sketchup? The objects were created using the ‘make unique’ command and then altered.

Edit: just tried it again; the uuid’s are added when the objects are selected as scatter objects. So I guess that this is a bug in the Skatter extension?

I have recreated the situation in a new file and I see something similar.
Of 4 scatter objects, 2 share their properties. If I change one, the other is also changed.
And, only 1 of these 2 objects is in the scatter. So I only see a distribution of 3 objects instead of 4.

The first file also had 4 objects. In that case all of them were sharing their properties and only 1 was in the scatter.

You are right, this is because the ID attribute is duplicated when making a component unique. Thanks for tracking it down.
I will fix it.

I have the same problem. How should I fix it?
I will appreciate your help

I said I would fix it, and I thought I did. But going back to the code updates since 1.4.2 I can’t find anything about this, so I guess I didn’t fix it!
I’ll look into it.

It’s been fixed in v1.4.9 :

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Thank you very much !!