Scatter rain

Hi all!

Considering I have barely been able to get into scatter yet I may be jumping the gun with trying myself, but has anyone been able to use scatter to create rain?

I have a few ideas of how it could work, but I’m mostly thinking rain is associated with a volume of space as opposed to a plane. Anyone had any luck with trying this?


Yes it is very much possible, simply use the Translation settings (in Z) to move the raindrops up from the plane.

Here is an example file. Edit the “Rain” setup in Skatter’s Render List to see how I did it.
Rain.skp (457.8 KB)

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Oh Awesome, that opens quite a few doors with my plans.

Now I’m looking forward to trying it over the weekend! :slight_smile:

I just downloaded the file Rain.skp and I do not see the “rain” setup when I open up Skatter.
Running V1.4.7

Have you clicked edit and/or unchecked render only?

Yes. There is no rain setup That I can see. Did it work for you?

Yep worked for me and played with it but I had to edit the setup and uncheck it from render only to do anything with it.

Did you click on the “Render List” tabs in the Skatter dialog?

I downloaded file again and the rain setup was visible. I tried to replicate the effect with a different component and I could not get it to work. I believe I followed the setup exactly, but nowhere near the same results

Try to raise the value of the max Z translation …

That definitely helps, but wasn’t sure why the values that Thomas used in his rain.skp model didn’t work with a different component.

The values in the Skatter dialog are in the model’s unit.
Your new model probably has a different unit setup than my model.

Thomas. I’ll check that out.

Thanks again for all of your hard work. Looking forward to the new releases!

Heck that would be useful…we’ve been experiencing a long drought in Australia…!!

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