Set Max Width, Lenght or Height instead of a scale factor

I’m having a model which I know the size and want to precisely scale, but I cannot as Transmutr was probably aimed at organic shapes.

The current method only allows me to visually infer what is going on. In the following example the chair look a bit small but it might be right… I don’t know your size Thomas. :wink:

So I’d like to be able to input a LenX, LenY or LenZ and have a tickbox to constrain or not to constrain the object proportions.

This sounds like a very specific/niche use-case.
I feel like adding the physical size in the stats is enough, then you’ll be able to use the Scale multiplier.
The proportions are always constrain, but what you want to do is fairly simple in SketchUp, isn’t it?

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It is simple in sketchup, but then it will require rebuilding all proxies right? The idea should be having proxies the right size straight from transmutr, right?

I wouldn’t mind that I was able to view stats and try to scale up to a factor or scaling by always keep the porportion constraint on, but I would love to be able to scale precisely to a specific measurement if possible.

I wouldn’t think that to be such a niche scenario as all objects apart from organic shapes will have specific measurements (furniture, cars, lamps…)

This will be available in the next version (0.3.4)