Setting brush mask size

I’d love the brushsize to be easier to get to. Now it’s hidden in behind the help icon. As i need to set it regularly it’s an inconvinience as it is now.

Also i’d really like to see the brush size without clicking on it.

Lastly i’d love to be able to set the diameter to a smaller size dan the minimum of 254mm which it is right now.

Thanks for considering!

Hi @Twan_van_Dijk

Thanks for your feedback.

I understand that this can be inconvenient.

During the development of Skatter 2, we experimented with different ways to tweak the brush size but we never landed on anything perfect (at some point, you could press the Control key and move the cursor to change the radius, but we had to remove this due to technical limitations in what SketchUp allows us to do in our extensions).

Did you have something specific in mind?

Please note that you can also use SketchUp’s VCB text input by typing a radius value while the paint tool is active.

The minimum radius could be decreased a bit indeed. We settled down to a minimum value of 10 inches since most of our users work at a larger scale. We’ll discuss internally if this is something that can be done soon.

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Thanks for your response!