Several skatterd objects in several surfaces?

Hi everyone:

I think Skatter is very interesting. I’m testing demo version and I’m using last version of sketchup Pro 2016 and Thea Render.
I’d like to know if it’s possible to assign different skattered objects to two or more surfaces at time.
For example:

  • host1 (component1, garden) and host 2 (component2, green roof);
  • Skatter Library: 2 items. Tall grass; Short grass
  • A component from my own library, Tree1
    I’d like to have only short grass on the green roof, but not trees, and a lot of Tall grass (100% covered) on the garden but not many trees.

Question 1:
Can Skatter to asign, for example, Tall grass for host1 and Short grass for Host2?
Question 2:
Can Skatter give different parameters (distribution…) for every host?. I’d like to cover a surface with 100% grass but only 20% with trees, f.e…

Thanks from Spain


Hi Pablo,

You can create as many setups as you want, each with different settings, hosts, or scattered objects.