skatter 1.4.1-1.4.4 not work probably on Sketchup2018

**SketchUp version :2018
Skatter version (Skatter dialog > Options > About) : 1.4.4
**OS :win10
**Description of the issue :only render part of grass/stone in not right shape and offset from the surface. Render with Vray there is no problem with sketchup 2017 with same version of Vray.
Are you able to reproduce the issue every time? (If yes, how?) : same result everytime and every model
Error in Ruby Console? (Window > Ruby Console) :

Does this happen when you scatter simple cubes, or is it only with presets from the library?

yes. i try a simple cubes and result the same. see attachment. its only happen in sketchup 2018. it render perfectly in sketchup 2017.

Could we schedule a TeamViewer session so that I can remotely take control of your computer?
Contact me at [email protected]

I would like to let you guy sort out this issue but my laptop is part of my work laptop and contain some of my client’s information inside. so i can’t let anyone else remote to control my laptop unfortunately.
Is it another way can work with that? or do you want to me to check my side and provide the information to you?


I understand your concern. You can stay in front of the laptop during the remote session, and watch what I am doing. If you have any concern, you can shut down the session immediately.
Would that be ok?

so how does the remote session work?

It works like this : you install TeamViewer on your computer and give me your ID code. This allows me to connect to your computer and control it remotely. It is very much like if I was sitting in front of your computer.
Meanwhile, you can always take control over me by simply moving the mouse or typing on your keyboard. And if you close TeamViewer, it automatically shuts down the connection.