Skatter 3

Hi Lindale i would like to ask you if you plan to bring skatter 3 for sketchup and vray for sketchup users.

I already know that chaos group is developing a scatter for vray users.

But i would like to support the develop for skatter 3 i use your software rather than the scatter from vray.

Also i would like to ask you if you can bring new things like ivy generator, what happens when wind comes to a huge amount of dry leaves also a more robust software.

Really liked skatter and skatter 2, works really nice, even in complex proyects works nice, i never get bugs with skkater 2 just works out of the box as it should be.

So please keep developing the software is very usefull for a lot of vray for sketchup users.

Luis Gamiño
Best regards

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Yes we have many plans for Skatter v3.
Among other things, we are planning to improve the “fine-control” aspect of Skatter. Right now there is the “Points Set” host type which allows you to precisely place objects. We would like to expand on it and create tools to allow more control and make it easier to both create and edit these “manual” compositions. This means controlling the position of individual objects, but also the type of objects, etc.
It would be very useful for landscape architects, for instance.

We think this would be a good way to differentiate Skatter from Chaos Scatter.

What do you think?


Sounds great Thomas, sometimes when i use skatter 2 with the uniform or random preset and the collisions on the trees or plants are still too far from one each other, i have to move manually to make closer some of them but at the same time leaves dont touch each one, so i dont have a geometry of a fern inside of the tree.

So having more control over that can be great.

Hot spots are nice too, this happens in real life with nature, some times some plants grow in a very rare space or in a rare corner or a fern between some trees.

Thanks for the answer and the feedback
Luis Gamiño

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