Skatter + 3D Bazaar Problem

3D Bazaar and composition manager not working. I try to export composition with composition manager then I try import and when I press render in vray Error [V-Ray] Exception in CORE: Internal error. Please save and restart as soon as possible! appears.
Same error appears when I import Skatter Grass from marketplace in 3D Baazar.
Since November I can’t use 3D Baazar.
I wrote about it before in other topics but no help :neutral_face:

**Sketchup Version 2020
** V-ray 5.20.06
** Skatter 2.1.7
** 3D Bazaar version 1.0.0-beta7

I noticed that the problem only occurs when I export the file and I have the Export Scattered Objects (recommended) option checked.
Please help.

Could you send us your project file at [email protected], with details on what composition you are trying to export?