Skatter and Enscape


Here are a couple of views from a galaxy inspired garden I am working on. The birch tree was built from scratch using Skatter to distribute the leaves. The outer frame of the arch is modelled in Sketchup and the wire mesh is just a solid with a transparent texture. I made three different leaf types and scattered them onto the solid and re-seeded until I liked the mix. Check the crazy planet orbits out :slight_smile:


Very nice !


Very nice renders! What is the renderer of choice?


Thanks rombout
The renderer of choice is Enscape -
It is marketed as a VR tool but I use it for stills and panoramas.
It exports PNG files with optional depth and material mask channels too which is good for montages or material tweaks.
There is no post-production work here though, just Sketchup and Enscape (and Skatter of course - the magic bit)
The sky is loaded into Enscape as a custom sky box so as soon as an idea is modelled and textured appropriately we are good to go. Long render times, what are they? :slight_smile:


Ah sweet, i saw some video of this indeed. Looks like some good looking game :slight_smile:

But it does look quite nice and if its that fast, than thats great


This is so attractive.