Skatter and v-ray 3.4 conflict

SketchUp version : 2016 and 2017
Skatter version : 1.2.1
OS : win 8.1
Description of the issue :
Do you know about the cases of conflict of your plugin and vray 3.4?

After I install the latest skatter update, I noticed that program window confuse focus, and v-ray window is moved below the SketchUp window.

I noticed this error in SketchUp in 2016, but I did not know with what the plugin may conflict v-ray

After the release of a new SketchUp 2017 version, I updated and installed v-ray on a clean SketchUp.

All worked very well. But a day later I set skatter to test my old scene.
And once again, this error appeared.
I asked the other skatter and vray 3.4 users, they say they are fine.

On my computer are many programs, some of them require lib c++, and other programming languages.

The window stacking and focus issue is from Vray itself. It actually was even worse in previous builds, now it’s better but still happens with other dialogs (not just Skatter). Chaos Group are aware of the issue and working on a fix.