Skatter can't load

I have just updated to Sketchup 2024, and installed Skatter via the building plugin manager. I get an error 126 - that Skatter can’t load the module, and a note showing the path.

Unable to load Skatter: 126: Det angivne modul blev ikke fundet. - c:/users/brj/appdata/roaming/sketchup/sketchup 2024/sketchup/plugins/skatter/core/

I have checked the folder, and the file is there.

I just tried to run sketchup as administrator, but that did not help.

Can anyone help?

Best regards
Bo Rattenborg

Our extensions are not compatible with SketchUp 2024 yet. We are working on it right now, but are having issues making it work.
Hopefully we should be able to resolve these issues within the next few days. I can’t guarantee anything at this point, though.

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Ah ok - that makes sense. I’ll wait then. Do we get an mail when the update is available?


Skatter for SketchUp 2024 is now available!

  • Download it here:
  • Then go the SketchUp > Extensions > Extension Manager > Install Extension
  • Select the .rbz file that was downloaded
  • When the install is done, restart SketchUp (very important!)

Let us know if you have any issue.