Skatter freeze my SketchUp

Hi there, I’m using SketchUp 2016 with Twilighs. I’m new to Skatter and one of the issue I have is that when I apply for example grass to a surface and close the skatter window, then I cannot access any groups on my file, I can still rotate the file and design more but all the existing groups are not responding. I thought was the file I was using that maybe was to big or something so I tested and did a new file 5’x5’ square group, added cut grass on it, created a second group, added that to the area to remove part of the grass from the first group and it’s all ok then I closed and opened the skatter window and I have no more access to those groups, the grass is still there but I cannot edit it as I cannot edit any groups.

What am I doing wrong?

P.s I’m on Win7 and skatter v1.1.0


Also can you save what you do? I did another test on a different file, added grass on it then I had to close it to work on something else so I renamed the file but I just open it and no more grass

When you open the Skatter dialog, is there anything in the “Render List” tab?

A couple of times yes I thought I found my issue but most of the times is empty even if I can still see the grass

Please send me an example file where the grass appears in the render but not in the “Render list”
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Hi Thomas how big can it be the file? The one I’m using now it’s 80Mb and I just added some png and got stuck in there even if there is nothing on the Render list

The file size doesn’t matter. You can use an online storage service to send it to me, like WeTransfer.

It’s transferring now. Please let me know.


Hi Kiko,

The objects are actually generated in the model. To edit the groups, right-click on them and click on “Edit Skatter group”.
See this :

Also, make sure all the “Scattered objects” are Components and NOT groups.