Skatter grass and Enscape 2.8

The Skatter library grass uses the name ‘grass’ in the name so Enscape sees this and makes the grass material an Enscape grass. This was probably an issue in the previous versions as well but because the Enscape grass in 2.8 is garbage, I have been using Skatter grass in Enscape these days and I had to dig into the library files and change all of the materials in the proxies to a setting of Foliage instead of the default Grass setting that Enscape applies to it based on the material name. Just something to be aware of.

Hi Matthew,

I was not aware of that. Do you know how we can fix it?

Pretty easy. The base SketchUp file that Skatter uses as the grass proxy needs the material to be set as the Default Preset material type instead of Grass. Enscape probably automatically set it as the grass type because it looks at the material names for keywords and all of the grass blade materials have the word ‘grass’ in them. So I would first change all of the material names to not use the word grass and then manually set the material type in the Enscape material editor.

Here is some info on the Enscape material settings.

I should mention how important it is to change the material name. You MUST take the word grass out of all the material names or Enscape will apply its grass feature to each blade of grass, producing undesirable results. You could even just name it “GRS” is you want.

Okay thanks for the info.
I’d rather keep the name as-is, but add Enscape data to the materials so that they’re already set.

I’ll see if it’s doable.

Might need to be tested. I don’t know if Enscape will see the name ‘grass’ when it imports the component and then just override the material based on the naming.

My only comment on this would be, rather than set it to the Default Material type, set it too the Foliage material type so we get some of the two sided effect happening on the grass.

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I did look at it both ways and I found that the grass set to Foliage did not look very natural. Enscape’s Foliage setting doesn’t look as good as VRay’s 2-sided material and made the grass look nuclear lime green and had weird shadowing.

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