Skatter gravel missing?

Hey guys, great work on skatter 2!

But we are missing the gravel from the skatter library? It was there in skatter 1.

Any particular reason it was removed?

Hi @Vanja_Djuric

Thanks for the feedback!

About the missing gravel : when working on Skatter 2, we remade a few assets from the original library in order to improve their quality. The gravel did not make the cut because it was a very simple model and did not seem to be used that much by our users. If there’s enough interest for a gravel preset, we could consider creating a new one.

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Ah ok, well, we used it quite a bit, it is a really nice asset to have in the background somewhere.

The only issue was it did not have an “edge” variant.

Thanks for the response.

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I will like to have it again.
Thank you very much


I used the gravel allot. Good to have it again.

Gravel + Grass :heart_eyes:

Thanks Skatter ! :hugs:

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Yep, it was a nice asset. We used it both for interior and exterior.


@Vanja_Djuric @rachelre @JGA @duanekemp @simpey

The gravel has been added to 3D Bazaar!


Good move. Thank you.

Awesome! Thanks a lot!