Skatter in a Webpage

I’m working to demonstrate that a type of jewelry item could be made via micro 3D printing processes. I created and rendered the item and then I wanted to show it off. I added a background of some Skatter grass. I think the visual complexity of the grass and its coloration really helps to make the images fun to look at.

Here’s the webpage where I did this: Some Skatter grass images on a webpage

I set into the webpage an ability to download really large versions of these images and the Skatter looks good at whatever magnification you want. I will mention that when you “set” objects onto Skatter grass, you must do some image work to “flatten out” some of the grass blades around your physical items or the grass blades will skewer what you’re trying to show off… they really will. :slight_smile:

SOrry to ask, but why would/should people download the images?

You should have laid out more grass, like very fake and you would even need skatter for this amount :):roll_eyes: