Skatter is only work Wrap(UV) mode


I just try skatter which is amazing tool. but i have a huge problem. Grid, uniform and vertices distribution types don’t work. Increasing or decreasing spacing x and y don’t help me. It just work with Wrap(UV) mode. What happens? What’s the problem?

As you can see on pictures it doesn’t work. I install it again but nothing changed.

Are all the other settings untouched? Particularly the Areas settings.

What is your OS?

Yes other settings are untouched.

My operating system is windows 7.

Please open the Ruby Console (“Window > Ruby Console”), then try to use Skatter, and tell me if anything appears in the console.

Okay… Here is the result:

What are the units of the model?

i usually use Centimeter

I am testing Skatter and loving it, but I get the same error as Denise since the update to 1.1.0.

When working with surfaces, only Random-UV distribution works.
Using lines as hosts works normally.

I’m running Windows 8.1.

Incredible thing is I’ve installed Skatter on my PC at the office and everything is fine, we’ve got Windows 7 there.

Could it be a conflict with some other plugin? I have dozens installed…


Are you guys using the demo?

Yeap. Is it important? Is there any difference about them?

The only difference is how it handles the license.
Please send me your license file to [email protected]
You will find it in “C:\ProgramData\Skatter\License”

With it I can check if there’s something wrong with your demo activation.

After I find how to fix your issue, I’ll reset your demo so you can properly trial Skatter.