Skatter Library

I want to create and organize a library and I was wondering if:

  • there is a way to create sub-category folders so when you open the skatter library you can have something like “bushes”, “trees”, etc

  • I want to use more than an object for the same skatter if I click the object from the library overwrite the previous one instead of add to the list…is there a way to add them together?


What you are asking is not possible for now. I’m fully aware of the limitations of the library browser, it will get much better in the future :slight_smile:

If Thomas says it can’t be done for now maybe some lateral thinking solution can achieve something similar. I am new to Skatter so by no means an expert, but perhaps you can get around the problem by a disciplined naming convention? I use such a convention to manage Sketchup’s layers. My Sketchup models are large by Sketchup standards (600Mb plus) and I have to use layers and scenes to their maximum to manage loading and rendering. I hate having to scroll aimlessly through hundreds of random layers looking for what I want so I prefix each layer with a category name, for example,

01 PLANTS: Palms-Pheonix cabariensis 1
02 PLANTS: Palms-Pheonix canariensis 2
03 PLANTS: Ferns: Cyathia australis 1
04 PLANTS: Groundcover-Pacysandra terminalis 1
05 LIGHTS: Ceiling-Living Room 1
06 LIGHTS: Ceiling-Living Room 2
07 LIGHTS: Ceiling-Kitchen 1
08 LIGHTS: Spots-Living Room 1

Maybe if you used a similar prefix name convention you could organise your Skatter Library the same way - it depends if the Skatter Library Dialogue uses an index to reference its internal database? If it works you would not have folders and sub-folders but you would have logical organisation. I am trying to build a Skatter Library now so I will try this.

That doesn’t seem to work…ah well

Yeah, like I said in the other thread, the browser is pretty limited for now… :confused:

Hey there,

I followed this:

I created the thumb and the .sklib, they are in the folder showed in that link but when I open the library I cannot find the skatter I created. What am I doing wrong?



Can you send the .sklib file to [email protected] ?