Skatter Lists Not Saving Correctly [Fixed in 0.3.3]

SketchUp version : 2015 Pro (MAC)
Thea version : x64
Skatter version : 0.3.2
OS : El Capitan 10.11.1

Description of the issue : When I try and save a list of “Scattered Objects” and close the Skatter window and reopen it, objects are missing from the “Scattered Object” List. When I try and re-add the missing object, I get the message “You have already picked this object.”

Are you able to reproduce the issue every time? (If yes, how?) :

Create rectangle, group it. Add it to “Hosts” list.
Create several components or bring in several proxies from the Thea Model Library. Add them to the “Scattered Objects” list
Modify Skatter properties, like rotate and scale.
Hit (re)Generate
Save the Skatter.
Close the Skatter window.
Reopen Skatter.
Select saved Skatter from window list, select edit.
Objects will be missing from the “Scattered Objects” list.
When you try and re-add the missing object, message “You have already picked this object” appears.

Can you send me this model at [email protected] ?


I would like the model too… it’s very cool!.. (just kidding of course… though it’s really cool!)