Skatter menu window is not right

Here is a screen shot of the Skatter menu in SU 15.

I see there was a similar problem reported a year ago.

Any ideas? Thanks.

This bug is rare and not only present in Skatter but also in other Extensions :
No solution has ever been found, this is most likely a bug in SketchUp itself.

I am currently doing a UI overhaul, hopefully it will fix this issue.

Thomas. Thanks for the quick reply.

As a matter of fact, I do have the same issue with Sketchy Physics and MS Physics plug ins. Might this have something to do with how, or what, the process is for creating the menu window itself? I ask as I may have something turned off or need to turn something on in my OS. In other words, what process calls are used to create the actual menu window?

Again, thanks for the reply. Any further info you can provide may help me to solve this as I am an IT tech by profession and I take a certain pride in being able to find solutions to odd problems.

The extensions use Internet Explorer to display their dialogs. So there is some kind of bug in your IE configuration that prevent the CSS (layout/visual information) to be loaded.
I encourage you to continue the discussion in this thread so that the SketchUp team can participate :