skatter not saved

I use skatter 2 with Sketchup 2022.
I have a file with different Skatter compositions.
I have to duplicate the file to a new library, and go on working on it in the new file.
So I do “save as” command to the new file,
and when I open it there, unforunately all Skatter compositions that I had - disappeared !!
I have tried to save composition and import it in the new library,
but it brings only the guest object, nothing more.
Why is it?
How should I solve it?

Could you send us the file with missing compositions at [email protected] ?

Thanks for your answer.
Unfortunately the file is for my client, and I am not allowed to share it.
I am sorry for this… :pray:
May be you can please tell me what to do and i will try?

It is difficult to diagnose the issue without the file.
Could we sign an NDA so that you could share the file with us? Or maybe ask permission from your client?