Skatter object as a component or group

Has anyone had luck creating a sKatter object and making it a group. Once created making a copy or bringing into another model with any success in keeping skatter information?
I created a Green wall and tried to copy. Skatter information only on original model.

If you untick the “Render Only” option, Skatter will generate a group that you can copy between models. Make sure to also copy the surfaces and area curves otherwise Skatter will complain it can’t find them when you try to edit your Skatter Group in the new model.

Thanks Thomas. This works but slows down the model tremendously . Is there no way to keep the render only option available?

After you have copied it to the new model, you can tick “Render Only” again! :slight_smile:

I tried this and it losses skatter information. If you can show a sample it would be appreciated

There is nothing in the Render List?

No. I even tried creating a simple skatter and copied within the same drawing and there is nothing on skatter list.

I tried it again. Once you unchecked render only from list and generate the skatter object is removed from list. I hope there is a solution to this.

Let me summarize :

  • You created a Skatter setup in Model A, you checked “Render Only”
  • You want to copy that setup to Model B
  • To do that, you unchecked “Render Only”, clicked “Regenerate”, then copy/pasted the generated group to Model B
  • There you right-clicked the group and clicked “Edit Skatter Group”
  • Skatter complained that it could not find the surface anymore, you picked it again in the “Hosts” rollout
  • You checked “Render Only” again and clicked “Regenerate”
  • And now there’s nothing in the Render List?

I can’t reproduce this issue. Is there something I missed?