Skatter Objects Backup

SketchUp Pro 2020 :
Skatter version 2.1.7
macOS Monterey:
How can I delete the Skatter Objects Backup tag, and what is it for? Switching between views during a Vray RT render has been awfully slow, but I found that when I deleted the Skatter Objects Backup tag things sped up dramatically and file size shrunk. Plus my Skatters seemed not to be affected and still work. However when I save, close, and reopen the file, the Skatter Objects Backup tag returns (albeit turned off). This is an older file begun in 2021, so I believe we originally used Skatter V1 and upgraded to V2. Is there any way to permanently get rid of this tag?

Skatter creates this tag when generating compositions as “Render-only”.
One copy of each scattered object is placed and hidden on this tag. This prevents scattered objects to be purged by SketchUp. Otherwise you could end up with empty compositions if you use SketchUp’s purge function.