Skatter Plugin Update Problem

My normal version of SketchUp is version 2020. I am also part of the beta test group for SU 2024 so I have it installed as well. I have just encountered a couple of problems.

  1. I tried updating my 2020 version to the latest version of Skatter but now it is not available in 2020. I started to use it after updating and it said I needed to restart SU to use it but now it is missing completely. I do not understand what just happened.

  2. I also tried to install Skatter in my beta 2024 and all I could do was install the trial version. I wanted to update it to the latest version but could not do that either.

I need some help…

You can download the previous version that works with SketchUp 2020 from here:
Click on the “Skatter v2 for SketchUp 2017-2020” rollout.

When I try downloading from the link you provided, I get an error message.

When I go to the Extension Manager, it shows that I have version 1.42.1 installed but it is not working. When I tried to enter my license number, it also did not work.

And, here is the License info and it does not let me add the info.

Boy, this has caused me to be in a real mess.
I guess the problem is that my license is for Skatter 2 but It says I have 1.42.1 installed and I cannot get the lick to install version 2 to work.

Please Get me back to where I was

Oh sorry there was a cache issue. Can you please try again?

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Now working. :+1: