Skatter + Thea: Color overlay/tweaks or Masks

Hello Thomas,
Would it be possible to:

  1. add a color overlay on a skatter composition, I mean, an overall hue/saturation tweaking on all the materials used in a composition containing thea proxies? To tone down a group of vegetation to sit it better inside a big picture? or to override the diffuse color of skattered people to get a red or white silhouette effect for instance?

  2. if the point above is impossible or difficult to achieve without having access to the SDK of Thea (as usual), would it be possible for Skatter to generate a skatter with a mask #ID? Thea is capable of handling 15 maskID, and it could be easier to tweak the hue/saturation/level with the help of masks in post. I know I already asked something similar… :smiley:

I don’t think either of those things are possible. They would need for the component definitions and materials to be duplicated. You can do it manually, and use the duplicated components/materials in your Skatter compositions. But Skatter cannot do it on the fly.

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Ok. thanks for the answer.