Skatter V1 ---> V2 compatibility


hello guys
little question here, must we redo all the skatter from the V1 to the V2 or can we load the old settings to edit them and then re-register?
because we have some …


Yes we are making V2 fully compatible with V1.
V2 will seamlessly convert setups from V1.

You will also be able to run V2 and V1 in parallel. This is because V2 has slightly different algorithms, so the computed results may not be exactly the same to the pixel. Sometimes you want to keep old projects with the old algorithms, if you have Photoshop edits for example, and it needs to be pixel perfect.


This is perfect … thk you Thomas


I want that library of yours :slight_smile:


I also want it :yum::yum:


+1:Cara de maluco:


i know this is the graal :wink: