Skatter v2 pre-orders?

Yes. Anything to get Skatter 2 moving along would be great and I imagine a lot of folks would be backing this. Especially if we can get a library to rival ForestPack.

Ill do you one better…If you can take the ivy plugin, that has been sitting dormant since 2011 and now does not work correctly with the new sketchups and vray 3.6 +, I will give you $200 to get started…or at least ascertain weather or not it is something you get get the source code for to even begin working on it…I would shit my pants if we could get access to that plugin again. Doing vines in all software is hellish and this plugin, for a brief time, really uped sketchups game.

called Sketchup IVY and is found here

Lend me your thoughts…

.Also, as a separate exercise let me know how much you would want to fully update it and then sell it through Lindale as a joint plugin…i.e I pay for you to develop it and I take a cut of sales.


That’s on our todo list:

Thanks for the feedback everyone, please keep it coming!

@rombout Of course, if we go forward with this idea, we’ll do a full-on marketing campaign with mailing, communication via social networks and all that jazz. For now, we just want to get the community’s opinion. Regarding the success of Skatter, it’s actually steadily getting new users so all is well. However, Skatter v2 would allow us to get to the next level :slight_smile:

@orchestraonestudio Ivy generation is planned. We already started doing some preliminary experimentation so that’s definitely on our roadmap.

Regarding your proposal to fund us personally, for now it’s more about getting help from the community as a whole :wink: But the idea of getting help from users sponsoring specific features sure is interesting. Maybe in the future but not for now.

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Late to the party…but I’m definitely in for this! Hope there’s enough people thinking the same way!

I love you

I think this is a great idea, specially since the road map is already established it would be very helpful to the campaign and the software to ensure achievable goals and deliver on time what was promised.
I would very gladly back it up you guys have always been great, and also would spread the word on the SketchUp communities i know.

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Do it!!! Really looking forward to V2. Do you have an approximate estimate for the price for V1 upgrade pre-order?

Yes, I would support it. :vulcan_salute::+1:

Rather than being rewarded to buggy prototype software and votes, would the offer of additional pre-made skatter families not be more of a draw to prospective bidders?

I certainly would be happy to back this crowdfunding, I’m eagerly waiting for the cluster feature so if we get acces to the V2 early I would be glad to fund it.

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Hi Thomas,

Yes, you should definitly do that, and I think you should do real promotion campaign for this crowdfounding.
I think that asking this here is not really efficient, as there seems to be not that much traffic. Many people use skatter and love it, but they’re more on sketchucation, or similar forums.

Doing a small article with nice users example on Ronen Bekerman to promote the campaign to found V2 would surely be efficient, and refocus the users on this tool.

Many software are not much evolving and don’t let users know why, so, in your case, if users see that it’s “just” a founding issue and not a lack of motivation or ideas, I’m confident that it could work !

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Yes we will have a much broader marketing campaign when we launch the crowdfunding. Here we just wanted our community’s opinion on whether or not it’s a good idea.

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@Thomas - I didn’t see on the Indegogo page or the email that follows purchasing the v2 preorder how to get the Skatter v1 with Clustering. How did I miss that? Thanks.

This is what the account page says but no link to download, etc - “…and get access right now to a special version of Skatter v1 with clustering.”

Hi @Eric_Sargeant, you should have received an email with download link by now.

Hi @Thomas, I´m missing the download information for the “special version of Skatter v1 with clustering” as well. Do we need to get in touch with you after placing the Skatter 2.0 Pre-order contribution for the link?

You should have received download links via email.

Yeah! Félicitations! C’est parti!
:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

If I order the Full V2 license + extra, am I also receiving a full V1 license immediately?