Skatter v2 pre-orders?

Hi Thomas,

Yes, you should definitly do that, and I think you should do real promotion campaign for this crowdfounding.
I think that asking this here is not really efficient, as there seems to be not that much traffic. Many people use skatter and love it, but they’re more on sketchucation, or similar forums.

Doing a small article with nice users example on Ronen Bekerman to promote the campaign to found V2 would surely be efficient, and refocus the users on this tool.

Many software are not much evolving and don’t let users know why, so, in your case, if users see that it’s “just” a founding issue and not a lack of motivation or ideas, I’m confident that it could work !

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Yes we will have a much broader marketing campaign when we launch the crowdfunding. Here we just wanted our community’s opinion on whether or not it’s a good idea.

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@Thomas - I didn’t see on the Indegogo page or the email that follows purchasing the v2 preorder how to get the Skatter v1 with Clustering. How did I miss that? Thanks.

This is what the account page says but no link to download, etc - “…and get access right now to a special version of Skatter v1 with clustering.”

Hi @Eric_Sargeant, you should have received an email with download link by now.

Hi @Thomas, I´m missing the download information for the “special version of Skatter v1 with clustering” as well. Do we need to get in touch with you after placing the Skatter 2.0 Pre-order contribution for the link?

You should have received download links via email.

Yeah! Félicitations! C’est parti!
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If I order the Full V2 license + extra, am I also receiving a full V1 license immediately?


Thanks for the insight in the development evolution. I would certainly participate in the pre-order

Unfortunately, the campaign is already finished:
It has been a great success!

I participated in the Skatter v2 campaign but have yet to receive any communication except for my receipt of payment. I sent an email to inquire but it was rejected by your email servers. It is an alias email linked to another on my domain but thought your servers should have whitelisted me.
How to I communicate with Lindale regarding my pre-order?
Thank you.


You haven’t received anything yet because there was nothing we needed to send you yet. You purchased an upgrade from v1 to v2, so you will receive access to beta and your license in due time :wink:

We posted an update on Indiegogo a few days ago:
Did you receive an email notification about it?

I was not expecting software, I understand it is still in development and will be for some time.
I was expecting communication from Lindale. To date I have received one receipt email from Indiegogo followed quickly by several others I consider to be SPAM (unrelated to Skatter) after which I unsubscribed. No, I did not receive an email about the update. Also, maybe I have misunderstood but I thought I was to receive an email with information regarding Skatter V1 with clustering.
I have participated in other crowd funding projects and am somewhat familiar with the process. I am not anxious, just curious.

Indeed sorry, you should have received an email with the download links to the Special Edition of Skatter v1. I just resent the email to your address, did you receive it this time?

Were those emails from us of from Indiegogo?

Thomas, I received an email copy of your last post in this thread.
I did not receive the email with the download links.
The SPAM email were from Indiegogo, introducing me to the platform and trying to get me to support other projects, etc.
I do not consider anything from Lindale, Skatter or Transmutr to be SPAM.
I manage my own email server and try to be diligent regarding expected email. I am not perfect but do not remember seeing anything from you trapped in the incorrect folder.

I just resent the email by a different mean, hopefully this time it will make it to you inbox.

Received, thank you.

Oh no, I only just stumbled across this topic. Would have loved to participate in the campaign.

@Thomas should you decide to open up the Indiegogo campaign again to let some more people in, please let me know. I would love to be part of this journey!

Sorry Jakob, I’m afraid you’ll have to wait for the public release :confused:

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