Skatter V2 release date

Hi Guys.

Love the work! I am wondering, as I really need the new updates for my renders to become truly wonderful, cluster etc., when the estimated release date will be? Any ideas?

No sorry, we have no ETA. We stopped announcing release dates when clearly we were not able to properly guess how much development time is needed.

Our current goal is to release within the next four months, as after that I’ll take a break because of a baby coming (Merwan will continue working as usual, but he will have to deal with more stuff). But again, we can’t promise anything.

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Can I buy and try the V.2 Beta?

I’m afraid this is not possible right now. :confused:

That’s quite alright - I’m just looking forward to the new additions especially the cluster mapping method.

I hope it’ll be ready soon.

Thanks for the answer.

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