Skatter vanishes when purge and just feel clunky

**SketchUp version :2021
Skatter version 2.0
**OS : Win10 64bit
**Description of the issue : When I purge my model (which I do often), all of my skatter’s go away and I have to redo all of them. This never happened with V1?? Also, I’m noticing the 3d Bazaar is clunky and takes a while to populate? Not as convenient as V1, any fix or suggestions? Also, is there no edge grass anymore? Spending a ton of time trying to get back to where I was with V1, are there new tutorials you can direct me too? Any advice would be appreciated.

Indeed this is missing from Skatter v2, we will add this feature back.

We think we have ways to optimize it, to make it faster.

Yes, there is. Please take a look at this image:

We are working on creating a Getting Started video tutorial.
Also on Thursday 7 Oct, Archilime Academy will be hosting a webinar where we will talk about Skatter v2. You can register here: Webinar Registration - Zoom

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Hi Thomas,

Thank you very much for responding to ALL my questions. Much appreciated!

Hi @Eric_Scott
We fixed the purge-related issue. It should not happen anymore in the next update to be released (2.0.2).

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