Skattered images rendered heavily distorted

**SketchUp version: Sketchup 2017 Pro
**Skatter version: 1.4.1
**OS: Windows7
**Description of the issue: Previewed images show correctly, but when rendered in Raylectron V4, image shows distorted/misaligned.
**Are you able to reproduce the issue every time? Unfortunately, yes. I am new to Skatter but have been pretty successful so far. Have previous renders with the same model and same Skattered objects with no problems. New scene is giving multiple issues with multiple Skattered objects and I cannot find what setting is different to cause issue.
Error in Ruby Console? (Window > Ruby Console) : No. Everything appears well in Sketchup. Issue resides in Raylectron somehow?

Here is the SU Model Preview:

This is clearly a Raylectron issue. Skatter has no control over the rendering itself. Its only job is to tell the rendering engine where to place objects. We can see that the objects are present and in the right place. So your issue can only come from Raylectron itself.