Sketchup 2021 integration

Will there be an update for the Transmutr extension for Sketchup 2021?, release 1.2.4 does not appear to install an extension to the new sketchup version…

also when updating to vray 5, transmutr 1.2.4 no longer finds the ply2vrmesh.bin file for exporting vray proxys (Mac OS Big Sur) - it appears to be either moved to a new unknown location in the vray folder/file structure or it is not installing on mac, or it has been renamed or some other unknown reason? I’ve reached out to the support people at Chaos regarding the location but have not received a response.


Hi @intricacy, there will be an update to install Skatter for SketchUp 2021 but we haven’t had time to do it yet.

As for the ply2vrmesh issue, we’ll need to investigate this (we haven’t upgraded to Big Sur yet, this could be related).

Hi @merwan,

Thank you for your response.

I was addressing more specifically the Transmutr software, not Skatter, but similar issues may exist in both. Skatter installs on Sketchup 2021 but transmutr does not. At any rate, thank you in advance for looking into these issues.

Any feedback you could give on your timeline to address these issues would be helpful as this does impact my workflow, as well as others.

I appreciate it.

Oops, that was a typo. I was actually thinking of Transmutr!

We’ll discuss internally how soon we can do the upgrade for Transmutr and we’ll let you know.

Transmutr v1.2.5 is compatible with SketchUp 2021:

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Regarding the ply2vrmesh issue. The file is missing in the V-Ray 5 install on MacOS. We have notified Chaos Group and are waiting for a response.

Thank you, I appreciate it.

Out of curiosity, will there be an update to transmutr once Chaos Group has the file in place or will I need to simply link to the file in this v1.2.5? Also, without the ply2vrmesh file does that mean transmutr currently will not export proxies on Mac?

Until we get a response from Chaos Group, one possible workaround is to use the ply2vrmesh provided by another distribution of V-ray.

Transmutr looks for ply2vrmesh in a few different locations on your computer so if you have:

  • An older version of V-Ray for SketchUp
  • V-ray for 3DS Max
  • V-ray for Revit
  • V-ray for Maya

Then the ply2vrmesh that comes with it should be detected and used by Transmutr.

If it’s located in the same place than for V-Ray 4, Transmutr should find it automatically.

Correct, no V-Ray proxies.
But there are other way to get your hands on ply2vrmesh.bin. It is a standalone tool that is shipped with every version of V-Ray. So you can simply install the demo of V-Ray for another platform (3dsmax, maya, etc), then do a system-wide search for “ply2vrmesh.bin”, copy it wherever you want, and give the path to Transmutr.
We would prefer to distribute ply2vrmesh ourselves, but we can’t because of legal reasons.

EDIT: Oops, Merwan posted while I was typing!

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Thanks again

I’ve had the same issue and contacted chaos group as well (2 days ago…no response). I was able to get hold of a ply2vrmesh.bin file for 2016 and Transmutr can now produce proxies but the proxies are multicoloured rather than Vray ready textures.

I’m guessing you are importing the .vrmesh file directly?
The VRMESH format doesn’t contain material information. Materials are stored in the .skp file generated by Transmutr. This is the one you need to import.

The ply2vrmesh tool is now back on MacOS in V-Ray 5 Hotfix 2:

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